Residential and Commercial Stair Lifts in Denver, Colorado

Straight Indoor Stair Lifts

The stairway lift pictured at the right is the all new Legacy Classic from Staying Home Corporation. Every part is made in the USA with all American parts. The quality is superb, and there are several models and colors available to enhance your home decor.

This stairway lift folds up to only 11 inches from the wall, has a high backed seat, folding arm rests, deluxe upholstery, and a retractable seat belt for your convenience and safety. We love this product because we know when we install it in your home we will not have service calls. The price competes with anything on the internet or elsewhere.
We offer three brands of lifts for stairways Harmar Pinnacle, Staying Home Elegance, and Handicare Xclusive. Over the years we have encountered an infinite variety of stairway configurations, and home decor. Our promise to you is that we will make every effort to provide you with a solution that best addresses your circumstances.

This SL600 Pinnacle Premium Stair Lift from Harmar has a patented helical worm gear drive system that requires less energy to operate, offers a folding rail option, and requires no grease or lubricants to get on your carpets.

Harmar also offers a more economical model for budget minded customers. Here is yet another choice available for your convenience. This stair lift from Precision Stair Lifts is a luxury model that is available with numerous options to fit your needs. Each stair lift may be customized to your specifications. Often referred to as chair lifts, stair chairs, and even stair elevators, these units offer something for everyone.


Indoor Curved Stair Lifts

On the left we have curved model stair lifts from Precision, and on the right we are showing curved indoor models from Savaria. When measured and installed properly by our professional team a curved stair lift can be a thing of beauty as you can see from these photos.

Throughout this site we offer to consult with you on site, and measure for your stairway for free. This is a costly service if purchased on the internet direct. Not only is it costly, but not just anyone can do it properly. A local handyman will not be the right choice.

When considering a curved stair lift you should consider the angles of the stairway, the amount of space available, carpeting style and color, doorway positions, and other, often unique to your space items. In addition, every area has it's own set of permits and regulations. When you call The Colorado Stair Lift Store we will cover each and every point with you until you are totally comfortable.
  • Local, hands on service
  • Numerous installations throughout Colorado, including the mountains
  • We stay with you till your happy.
  • And our prices are very competitive, even with the internet
indoor Stair Curved — stair lifts in Denver, CO

Outdoor Straight Stair Lifts

If you're wondering about why we placed these detailed pictures below it is because this stair lift for straight outdoor runs has been outside in the weather for three months without a cover. These pictures were taken at a show in Boston right after the stair lift was brought in. When the show was over it was set back outside so we can show you what the winter will do next spring.

This lift is a fantastic solution for straight outdoor runs, and the price is better than anything else available in its class. And it is guaranteed for a lifetime.

Why should you call the Colorado Stair Lift Store?

  • The price for this stair lift beats anything on the internet
  • We are local
  • We will measure and consult for free
  • Professional certified installers
  • Unlike the internet, there are no shipping charges
  • We provide very quick service

Outdoor Curved Stair Lifts

Just a quick look at these examples is all it takes to illustrate what is possible when you entrust your outdoor curved stair lift to The Colorado Stair Lift Store.

We can assess your curved outdoor stairway, make a recommendation, and professionally install it for you without any inconvenience to you. Our installations are fast, and we leave your stairs just the way we found them. The stair lifts you see here are unique in that they are noted s the world's best. We believe that a curved outdoor stair lift is a piece of safety equipment, and should perform like one. Our installations do. All of the rails are zinc coated, which makes them completely weatherproof.

The curved stair lifts we offer can be custom made to your specifications. Not only are they custom made, you can choose the color of the stair lift. First you choose one of nine different fabrics, and then you choose a color from over two hundred choices.

For more information on our residential and commercial stair lifts, contact us today in Denver, Colorado.