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Stair Lifts in Denver, Colorado

We are the Colorado Stair Lift Store. Our team of professionals has been providing the best stair lift solutions for all of Colorado for 45 years. We have installations from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins, and many areas in the mountains. Our team is fully certified, educated, experienced, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When you call the Colorado Stair Lift Store to inquire about a solution for your stairway we come to your location, measure for free, take into account the health of the user, look at the details surrounding your stairs, and recommend the best solution that fits your budget.
We offer four different brands. The variety of stairway lifts available to us allows you to match our recommendation to your decor, and surroundings. For your peace of mind we insure that your stair lift will meet all state and local code requirements, and we always take safety in to account first, and foremost. Take a look at these two stair lifts designed for straight stairways. These are two examples of solutions that meet the needs of this customer for both space, and budget.

Here are a couple of beautiful examples of indoor curved lifts for complex stairways. Notice how in each example the colors and rails match nicely with the stair lift.

You simply cannot obtain peace of mind if you simply but a stair lift on the internet. Whoever installs the lift will not be providing service. Certainly not 24-7. We not only offer local service, free measurements, and free consulting, we do so at the same prices you will find by buying direct on a profusion of internet sites.
Measuring correctly for one of these curved stair lifts is not as simple as pulling a tape. It takes experience, and knowledge. And we do it for you, for free.

We know outdoor stair lift solutions can get complicated in a hurry. One wrong measurement and the whole thing can be toast. It's only one of many reasons why we can't imagine buying one of these direct on the internet. Why not call us today? It costs nothing, and we promise that when we leave you will understand exactly what you need to satisfy your unique circumstances.

The outdoor stair lift we offer here can only be selected for straight stair ways. We offer this model from Staying Home Corporation because we think it represents the best value available. The price is competitive with anything comparable on the internet, and it is guaranteed for life. The picture you see on the right is the stair lift after it sat out in the weather for three months, uncovered. This lift represents a great choice for anyone on a budget.

About Us

Our Philosophy

Colorado Stair Lift Store takes a different approach than most dealers, we sell four different stair lift products. We take into consideration the following criteria: specific stairway detail, condition and health of the user, budget requirement (best value for what you can pay) and the product that works the best for your situation. We consider ourselves “the professionals in this field”, interested in the client, their well being and personal safety.

A stair lift is a great investment in home safety and accessibility. Anyone who has mobility or accessibility issues can benefit from installing this device in their home. No matter what situation you are in, you can count on the Colorado Stair Lift Store to help you achieve more access to your home. It's simple to explore all of the different options that you have to choose from and find the stair lift that suits your needs. Plus, these devices are affordable and make everyday living easier for all types of people.

Our Team

With over 45 years of technical experience is this highly specialized field, Colorado Stair Lift Store, has opened under their parent company, H.E.S. Elevator Services, Inc., and dedicated themselves to providing top quality care and service to the stair lift community. We are your authorized dealer of Harmar, Precision, Savaria, and Staying Home Corporation. You can rest assured you are getting the best stair lift for the best value. So if you feel trapped by the stair in your home, give us a call today for your free estimate and brochure.

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